EP Review, by Devils Gate Media: Soul Desire – Ignite

Young British rock outfit One Last Run produced a high quality debut album full of depth that showed promise for the future. Alas, they are no more, but three of the members have regrouped as Soul Desire. Different name, same high quality, and same depth… More

EP Review, by The Musical Outcast: Soul Desire – Ignite

It was December 2016 when One Last Run called it a day. The group only released one full album, but that record made one hell of a mark on me, and I know I’m not alone. It’s always a shame when bands you like break up but something about the end of One Last Run was especially sad. They were a band I thought had enormous potential, so to see them leave so much of that potential… More

EP Review, by Black Diamond Sun: Soul Desire – Ignite

Experiences come and go, and things end so better ones can begin. Soul Desire is a band out of the UK, and “Ignite EP” is their first release under this moniker.   Chris, Rob, and lead vocalist Becky are former members of One Last Run, whom I discovered on Ravenheart Music last year, trolling for new bands to check out for the fun of it. So, it was luck then, and today I have solid proof… More

EP Review, by Rockerhead: Soul Desire – Ignite

Becky shows here what a voice she as. Perfect… More

Ignite single review, by Seth’s Rock Report

Soul Desire has released their title track from their current debut album “Ignite”. Like the title, the single is about adding some spark into your life and rise above your obstacles… More

EP review, by Frame the Stage: Soul Desire – Ignite

Soul Desire’s EP ‘Ignite’ starts off with the song “Rapture” which comes in with a lot of power and energy. From the very beginning, this band gets your attention and does not let it go. There is no question as to why “Rapture” was the first single the band released. Lyrically, vocally, and musically, the song is captivating… More